"You will feel immortal, but you will have the prudence to never underestimate a storm, and at the first opportunity, you will unite with it, forming an ancient and transcendental power."” - AF Chagas

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Lightning Strikes As Up & Coming Singer-Songwriter Releases Epic Single


“I Am The Storm,” artist and producer Robin Sherwood Thompson’s second single, is a rock anthem of self reclamation, meant to bring strength and confidence to those who have ever felt like they lost themselves. The recording’s cinematic atmosphere, heavy guitar orchestration, genre defying 808 bass and trap drums, honest lyrics, and soaring chorus come together to create a product worthy of achieving its sincere purpose.


The song was written to speak to all listeners, and while its lyrics may echo a personal and specific story, Robin is able to create a feeling that can resonate with all ears, as his signature and mysterious writing style allows for a collection of general but meaningful shared emotions to seep through the music. “I Am The Storm” is a unique listening experience, as it is a vulnerable and genuine outpouring of the heart, set to an epic landscape of driving rock, standing out in a genre considered by some to be over-saturated by love and party songs. The single begins with a airy, dreamlike introduction, featuring a repeating guitar riff at the forefront of a distant melodic line, beckoning the image of a looming storm cloud, before a trio of growling low guitars rip through the atmosphere, making way for the first verse to ferociously kick in, with the harsh lyrics of, “True, never said it to my face, but I knew, what you had always thought I was.” As the song progresses, and the chorus eventually arrives, so does the main thematic idea of the song, “You had the best of me but now, I have returned, I am the storm.” Since the single’s release, it has been reviewed by two prominent international music blogs, and placed on “theBreak58,” an iHeart Radio Station featuring the top 58 independent songs and artists of the week.


Robin Sherwood Thompson grew up in Santa Clarita, CA, and picked up the guitar at 9 years old. After finding the art of songwriting at 15, his journey was given clarity, and he set onward with a mission to create songs of honesty, vulnerability, and power that would resonate with the hearts of the world. The music of Chris Cornell in particular guided him to this resolve. Cornell’s unafraid, raw, and heartfelt approach to songwriting spoke deeply to Robin, and his integration of heavy rock and humming low guitars with lyrics of passion helped open the door for Robin to unabashedly follow his passion, not to satisfy commercial norms. With this inspiration in hand, Robin has moved forward with an uncompromising attitude when it comes to the emotional significance of what he releases. In the last two years, he has cultivated his passion for music production, discovering his unique voice and approach in the field, and building the signature layered and dense sound ever so present on “I Am The Storm.”



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