When he was 9 years old, Robin asked his dad, "What's your favorite song?" The lifelong singer-guitar player’s answer to that question was "Stairway To Heaven." He went to listen to it that same day, and after hearing Jimmy Page's legendary sixty second solo for the first time, Robin's path was changed forever. Music was what he was going to do for the rest of his life.

Entering his early teenage years, Robin had the chance to play in a band composed of his best friends, and performed in some of the most iconic venues of Los Angeles, including the Troubadour, the Whisky A Go Go, and Universal CityWalk. At 15, Robin's passion for music deepened and matured as he found his love for songwriting. Heavily inspired by the writing work of Chris Cornell, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, The Foo Fighters, and of course, Led Zeppelin, his musical identity began to take shape as he wrote through the rest of his high school years. Robin’s journey was given clarity, and he set onward with a mission to create songs of honesty, vulnerability, and power that would resonate with the hearts of the world.

In the last two years, he has cultivated his forte for music production, discovering his unique voice in the field, while building a signature layered and dense sound. Whether he is self-producing, or working with other artists, Robin’s approach to the craft relies on an unrelenting regard for the song. To him, music production is a channel for a record’s message to shine through, and the role of a producer is to amplify the spirit of the song, never to distract from it.

This May, he graduated with his B.A. in Music Industry Studies from California State University, Northridge. In his time at college, he served as Co-Executive of the student run record label, as well as President of the Music Entertainment Student Association, attaining much needed organizational skills and experience, while actively pursuing every possible opportunity to better himself.

While he continues to learn from life’s experiences, his music has grown with him, and Robin’s purpose has become crystal clear: To create songs that will speak directly to the heart of the audience, giving them a promise that they are not alone.